Daily prize$

from Real Talk WIth Rabu Gary

Daily Prize Give-A-Way$

During every Real Talk With Rabu Gary Show (Mon-Fri), THREE lucky viewers will receive prizes. Most prizes are valued at over $2000 and can range from trips to CASH!

three different ways to win prize$


When prompted, the first viewer on RealTalkWithRabuGary.com who can list in the WEBSITE comments section, the exact names of the sponsors from the previous show, in the order the commercials or ads were shown, will win a BIG PRIZE.


Comment, Comment, Comment! Your questions and comments are important to the growth of the show. By commenting on the LIVE show or on the recording of that show on our Facebook page or YouTube page, your name will go in a lottery to win a BIG PRIZE. The lottery will be drawn at the end of the next day’s show. Example: Comments from Monday will be drawn on Tuesday. To be eligible to win and to increase your chances of winning BIG PRIZES, share the show on your Personal Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube page.


Every show, Rabu will ask one of our Special Guests a MAGIC question. On the next episode, Rabu will ask the viewers the Magic question. The first viewer who posts the correct answer in the comments feed on our Facebook page or YouTube page will win the prize for that day.


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