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about our commercial advertising

Become a sponsor and advertise during a LIVE episodes of Real Talk With Rabu Gary. Why? Because, not only will you and your business gain massive exposure, Real Talk With Rabu Gary is doing something for it’s Sponsors that has NEVER been done before! Everyday during the LIVE show, Rabu Gary will give away a prize valued at over $2000.00 to the first viewer who answers the question of the day. The question of the day will always be a question specifically about our sponsors’ ads!

limited time only: introductory rates

For a VERY limited time, you can purchase commercial ad space for a fraction of the cost they will later be listed at. Check out the pricing below and be aware they will go up after March 31st, 2019!

the details

Each LIVE show will offer 4, two and a half minute Advertising Sponsor Segments.

All 4 Advertising Sponsor Segments will consist of 2 fifteen second Promotional Advertisements and 4 thirty second Commercial Advertisements.

Fifteen Second Promotional AdvertisementS

Fifteen Second Promotional Advertisements consist of Rabu Gary showing & promoting your Website, Social Media Page, or Banner Advertisement for fifteen seconds, during an Advertising Sponsor Segment of a LIVE show.  (Banner Advertisements are also known as digital flyers).

Each 15 Second Promotional Advertisement is $75 (limited time pricing)

thirty Second commercial AdvertisementS

Thirty Second video Commercial Advertisements consist of your Thirty Second Commercial being shown during an Advertising Sponsor Segment of a LIVE show.

Each Thirty Second Commercial Advertisement is $100
 (limited time pricing)

need a commercial produced?

Your fifteen second Promotional Advertisement (and/or) your thirty second Commercial Advertisement can run during any of the 4 two and a half minute Advertising Sponsor Segments.

VIP Personal Endorsement Advertisement

VIP Personal Endorsement Advertisements consist of Rabu Gary personally endorsing you (and/or) your business THREE Times during a LIVE show as The Premier Sponsor of that LIVE show.

FIRST time, during his opening commentary.
SECOND time during the Real Talk Interview with the Special Guest of the day.
THIRD time during his daily prize Give – A – Way towards the end of the show.

Each VIP Personal Endorsement Advertisement is $300 (limited time pricing)

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